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About the group

The Australian Educational Industry is large, complex and a market that greatly benefits from deep collaborative engagement between suppliers and customers. There is enormous opportunity for AIIA members to be part of a forum that brings both the solutions provider and the educational Institution together.  The Education Special Interest Group’s objective is to realise this opportunity.

The success of any enterprise is largely dependent on its most important resource, its people and their skills.  Innovation starts with and is capitalised on by knowledgeable and skilled people, and much of this capability is delivered through education and training.  One of Australia’s greatest challenges is the creation and on-going development of the skilled ICT and technology workforce essential to the digital economy.  Through the Education SIG, ICT suppliers and education institution leaders have the opportunity to provide the thought leadership that powers AIIA’s advocacy efforts in building our human capability.


The purpose of the Education SIG is to provide AIIA members the means to engage and collaborate with like-minded and driven leaders who want to achieve their business goals and contribute to the sustainability of the ICT industry of Australia realised through education.


  • The Education SIG meets regularly by both Teleconference and video linkup.  These meetings provide opportunities for members to learn of new developments in education related technology, curriculum, and delivery
  • The SIG engages with Government, both at State and Federal levels, to identify opportunities to achieve improvements to the Australian ICT training and educations environment
  • The SIG is planning to conduct a number of events in 2015

Related Organisations

The SIG is working in cooperation with a number of National and State based education-focused organisations across industry and Government.

Current Objectives

The objectives of the group are to positively influence:

  • Growth of the e-Education market;
  • Australia’s ICT education and training environment to better meet our ICT workforce development needs through;
  • the ICT education and training curriculum, at all levels; primary, secondary, and tertiary (both vocational education & training (VET) and Higher Education)
  • National, State and Territory government efforts in increasing the number of
    • Technology competent school leavers
    • ICT tertiary graduates at the Para-professional and professional level; and
  • Provide forums and events for AIIA members that enable productive opportunities to grow their business and enable contributions to the greater good

Previous Achievements

In the past the group and its member have:

  • Worked with the VET sector (in particular TAFEs) in proposing a ICT Apprenticeship and Higher Education pathways program
  • Influenced workforce development by increasing participation in programs to encourage secondary school students to undertaken ICT courses at tertiary level, and supporting industries future skills demands.


Like to know more or get involved?

  • Chair: Kevin Harris, Director WorldSkills Australia
  • Deputy Chair: Simon Taylor, ACS National Education Director | LinkedIn
  • AIIA Executive Contact: Kim Hicks

Terms of Reference

Education Special Interest Group - Terms of Reference (PDF)

More Information

Further information will be posted, as this is developed by the SIG.