Australian Information Industry Association


About the group

The Legal SIG was originally established in about 2003 as the AIIA Legal Forum. It now functions as a National AIIA Special Interest Group (SIG), reporting to the AIIA Board.


The Legal SIG exists to advocate for changes on legal issues for the betterment of the AIIA members.   This can be on any topic in any forum but its main advocacy avenues are:

  • submissions to all levels of government on policy issues;
  • working with government to develop policy in newly developing areas of ICT such as cloud computing; and
  • working with all levels of government to improve ICT procurement practices.


The Legal SIG meets on the second Thursday of each month via teleconference and in between times works on issues for the betterment of the AIIA members.  The SIG works on matters between meetings by tasking members with progressing advocacy pieces, both in group work and by email.  Direct interaction is also undertaken with government stakeholders, this includes informal coffee meetings to participation in major procurement workshops.

A major initiative of the Legal SIG throughout 2015 was the development of the Best Practice Government Procurement Guide which was developed by the members of the SIG to promote a balanced working relationship for the government procurement of ICT products and services, mainly via negotiation over standard form procurement procedures and agreements.

Related Organisations

The Legal SIG works closely with all relevant federal and state government departments, through meetings and submissions on specific areas, including:

The Legal SIG also provides legal oversight for the Procure IT group, which is a subcommittee of the NSW Government SIG.

Current Objectives

During 2016, the Legal SIG will:

  • identify opportunities to work with government to improve ICT contracting processes;
  • work with government to improve engagement of suppliers of new ICT technologies such as cloud computing; and
  • make submissions on all legal issues relating to the ICT industry.

Past Achievements

The Legal SIG has a long history of promoting the interests of AIIA members and the broader ICT industry including:

  • Negotiating the Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework v5 - standard contractual terms and conditions for ICT products and services -
  • Negotiating the Procure IT contracts, to support the simple procurement of Hardware, COTS products, Support and Consultancy services
  • Spearheading the creation of the new Procure IT v3 in NSW, helping to make the NSW Government the easiest to business with
  • We also put together the "Unleashing our IP potential" paper in 2007, which helped in changing the federal government policy on IP ownership.
  • Lobbying the federal government for many years on its liability policy, resulting in changes that reflected a more appropriate balance for the ICT industry.


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