Australian Information Industry Association


About the group

The Policy SIG was established in 2015. It functions as a national AIIA Special Interest Group and reports to the AIIA Board.


The Policy SIG exists to identify priority policy issues relevant to members and pursue appropriate action. The SIG aims to ensure that AIIA policy positions are:

  • representative of views across members
  • strategically relevant to members and
  • prioritised, planned and consistent.


The Policy SIG meets monthly via teleconference. A work plan is outlined at the beginning of each year and specific tasks are allocated to specific members. SIG members also lobby directly with government stakeholders.

Related Organisations

The Policy SIG works closely with all relevant federal and state government departments, through meetings and submissions on specific areas.

Current Objectives

During 2015, the Policy SIG will:

  • Develop a work plan that identifies priority policy issues relevant to members
  • Progress the National Digital Scorecard – an annual publication that aims to compare and rank how Australia is performing in the digital economy compared domestically across states and territories and internationally with key OECD countries.


Chair: Jennifer Mulveny - Director Government Relations for Asia Pacific at Adobe