Australian Information Industry Association


State Councils

The AIIA has established six State and Territory Councils under article 19.7 of its Constitution, to promote the AlIA's objectives, programs, policies, interests and objectives within those specific State and Territories. The State and Territory Councils are responsible to the AIIA Board and report to the CEO; they have no separate legal existence.

AIIA Councils conduct monthly meetings; provide representational, promotional and service activities; implement AIIA Policy; manage their budget and finances; and undertake Member recruitment and retention in their region, consistent with the Board strategy.

Each Council is comprised of up to 16 people, including:

  • The immediate past Chair
  • Up to ten (10) Council Members elected by Members with business or commercial interests in the Region
  • Up to five (5) Council Members appointed by the current Council, as required to fill vacancies.

Council members are a senior representative of their organisation within that State or Territory and their organisation must be a paid-up Full Member of the AIIA.

Each Council holds an Annual General Meeting before the end of the year, in late November or December. In the lead-up to the AGM, the Council holds an election for vacant Council positions, with the new Council appointed at the AGM for a three year term.

The Council may appoint additional Council Members, in order to complete the Council and fill any casual vacancies. These appointees serve until the next AGM, when they are eligible for election or reappointment.

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