Australian Information Industry Association


QLD Council

The AIIA in Queensland connects members to a network of local contacts, events, information and business opportunities. With more than 40 members operating throughout the state, AIIA has a strong presence in Queensland.

AIIA's interests and activities in Queensland are coordinated by our QLD Council (listed below), an elected group of representatives from AIIA members who work on a voluntary basis to promote the Association and the ICT industry. The AIIA in Queensland aims to:

  • Increase the awareness of the digital economy outside of the ICT Industry
  • Engage with Government at all levels on the benefits and long term value of the digital economy
  • Engage with other industry bodies and encourage them to look to their members needs in relation to the digital economy; and
  • Position the AIIA as a trusted advisor on the digital economy.


The AIIA in QLD:

  • Offers access to knowledge, advice, contacts and business opportunities to people in AIIA companies throughout Queensland
  • Hosts a vibrant events program of business briefings, seminars and workshops, which provide insight into industry trends and technologies, valuable market intelligence and regular networking opportunities
  • Provides unparalleled networking opportunities to help members build business leads and stay abreast of ICT issues and directions
  • Presents a flagship series of CEO luncheons and events which connect AIIA member companies with Queensland Government ministers, politicians and policy makers and to the ICT vendor community
  • Works with the Queensland Government to advocate policies that support the growth of the ICT industry in our state, through the QLD Government SIG
  • Supports the QLD iAwards, to showcase local excellence in innovation and promotion of 'ICT good news stories.

Our top 3 priorities are:

  • Continue to be the trusted advisor on Digital Economy/Digital Innovation to the government and to position ourselves as such with industry bodies in various economic sectors
  • Identify and promote case studies of businesses that are leaders or champions in their industry in the digital economy; and
  • Collaborate between Industry Bodies, all Levels of Government, Educational bodies and Innovators on the Digital Economy.

Key Achievements
  • Delivered a wide range of events, including breakfast forums, luncheons and Sundowner networking events. Highlights included:
  • an address by the Queensland Premier on ICT’s role in delivering the Queensland Plan, in November 2014
  • international keynote speaker and Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) Co-Founder John G. Jung, on ‘How to create intelligent communities’ in May 2015
  • the Queensland iAwards gala dinner in June 2015
  • Built engagement with the Queensland Government, focusing on growing the digital economy, procurement and participation in the ICT renewal agenda
  • Established regular lines of communication with key government stakeholders

In previous years, our major achievements have been:

  • Delivering an excellent range of events, including luncheons, quarterly Sundowner events and the iAwards gala dinner
  • Continuing to build engagement with the Queensland Government, focusing on technology procurement and participation in the ICT reform agenda
  • Establishing regular lines of communication with key government stakeholders
  • Active participation in government processes to review procurement policies and arrangements
  • Researching the impact of the ICT industry in Queensland and comparing it to other Australian and international markets.
  • Engaging with the other ICT associations
  • Promoting interest in ICT careers at the school level, through the Digital Careers program.

  • Chair: Mark Nicholls, Managing Director, Information Professionals Group
  • Deputy Chair: Peter Phillips, Sales Executive, DXC Technology
  • Events: AIIA Events Team
  • Elections

    Council members are elected at the State AGM, held in December each year, to serve for the following year.