Australian Information Industry Association


Accelerating digitisation of Australia’s Economy

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the voice of Australia’s Digital Leaders, calls on both sides of Government to work with the information and communications technology industry to ‘Step it Up’ and accelerate digitisation of Australia’s economy before we are left behind by our global competitors.

Digitisation now touches most aspects of our economy...
  • Australia’s digital economy will grow from 5% to 7% of GDP by 2020 (1)
  • 85% of individuals use the internet (2)
  • 95% of businesses have internet access, 99% of which use broadband (3)
  • 131 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people (131% penetration rate) (4)

Despite this, Australia continues to lag in areas where it counts...
  • Australia ranked 60th in global internet speed rankings (5)
  • Ranked 32ndglobally by World Economic Forum for Government use of ICT (6)
  • Limited ICT uptake by businesses
    • Only 47% of businesses have a web presence (ABS) (7)
    • Only 33.2% of businesses received orders online (ABS) (8)
  • Australia’s economy is predicted to drop 10 places in world rankings by 2050 (9)
  • Increased penetration of digital technologies can lift Australia’s productivity and growth, potentially by .25% pa over the next 5 years. This would deliver some $35 billion additional economic output by 2020 (10)

Digital disruption affects all areas of Government policy: education, health, social services, service delivery, infrastructure, defence, border protection, disability service reform etc. Digital transformation must be at the heart of the Government reform agenda.