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  • IBM: Building a Cognitive Enterprise: Nine Action Areas for Financial Services Companies (PDF)

    Wednesday 7 October 2020

    To enable rapid transformation, some organisations are looking to dramatically reduce costs through automation or process optimisation, while others are transforming their supply chains or implementing new capabilities due to the effects of the pandemic.

  • IBM: Building a Cognitive Enterprise: Nine Action Areas for Government (PDF)

    Wednesday 7 October 2020

    COVID-19 changed the world overnight and this has had a profound impact on the public sector. Businesses, schools, and other organisations closed their doors. While many have reopened or found ways to continue operating remotely, the economy is still facing significant challenges. And governments are responsible for providing support. At last count, for example, the Australian Government’s JobKeeper program was supporting 3.5 million workers. The New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 Wage Subsidy has supported more than 1.7 million workers.

  • IBM: Building the Cognitive Enterprise: Nine Action Areas (PDF)

    Wednesday 7 October 2020

    We are at a tipping point in history where the impact of technology is so significant it can completely transform the way business is done. The convergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and 5G have the power to change business models, reinvent processes, and reimagine the way we all work. IBM calls this the emergence of the Cognitive Enterprise.

  • Building Australia’s Digital Future in a Post-COVID World - White Paper (PDF)

    Monday 15 June 2020

  • AIIA comments - New Global Talent Scheme (PDF)

    Tuesday 27 March 2018

    AIIA Comments - Home Affairs - New Global Talent Scheme

  • AIIA - Disruption in Insurance and Super (PDF)

    Tuesday 1 August 2017

    How innovation and non-traditional challengers are reshaping customer expectations, transforming the competitive landscape and forcing insurers and super funds to rethink and reinvent their offerings and delivery capabilities. The future is true customer engagement in key life events supported by “anywhere, anytime, any device, any channel” … and not everyone will be successful. AIIA

  • Customer-service-at-the-heart-of-the-digital-bank.pdf (PDF)

    Tuesday 20 December 2016

    In our increasingly sophisticated market, customers are demanding a banking experience which rivals the digital experience they enjoy across their social landscape. Banks strive to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through the application of their digital assets. Constant juggling is required to deliver an authentic relevant digital experience while meeting the requirements of rigorous regulation and dealing with legacy services and systems. This paper examines digital trends, some of their inhibitors and actions which will lead to improved customer outcomes.

  • Engaging young people in ICT in TAFE NSW-Research eReport (PDF)

    Monday 22 August 2016

  • AIIA - Blockchain - Thought Leadership Paper (PDF)

    Friday 20 May 2016

    The term ‘hyped’ suggests a level of expectation that exceeds the impact or value it will actually bring – the jury is still out on this question. There are several essential capabilities that must be in place for Blockchain to deliver on the promise, however there are good reasons for optimism.

  • Financial Services Briefing - the rise of data in the c-suite (PDF)

    Friday 18 March 2016

    Data is on the C Suite agenda – Competition is fierce and unpredictable. Today’s leaders have raised the profile of data as a critical resource in the battle to remain relevant to their customers, to meet competitive threats and to respond to changing regulatory responsibilities. This paper will examine the three leading motivations for the attention data and analytics receives by the executive team.

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