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  • Queensland Government ITC framework (PDF)

    Monday 14 November 2016

    AIIA is supportive of the Queensland Government’s commitment to review and refresh the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework. We acknowledge the effort Government has put into open two-way communication and particularly note the Engagement Principles addressing a number of AIIA’s previously expressed concerns regarding industry input into this important process.

  • Review of the R&D Tax Incentive - Addendum to AIIA Response (PDF)

    Thursday 3 November 2016

    Since submitting our response, AIIA has given further thought to how the Collaboration Premium recommended in the Report could be leveraged to address the anomaly whereby despite the high demand for ICT graduates, unemployment rates for these workforce entrants remain low. As outlined below, AIIA would like to propose to the Government how, with some shift in focus, the Premium could be used to help drive the employability of ICT graduates.

  • tax incentive

    Tuesday 1 November 2016

  • Review of the R&D Tax Incentive - AIIA Response (PDF)

    Friday 28 October 2016

    On behalf of our members, AIIA has taken a lead role advocating for effective R&D Tax arrangements in support of Australia’s Innovation agenda. R&D is part of the innovation ecosystem that is critical to Australia’s future global competitiveness, indeed it is a key factor for competitiveness and growth in a developed economy

  • Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (PDF)

    Thursday 27 October 2016

    AIIA welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Senate Standing Committee’s enquiry into the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

  • TISA Intermediary liability (PDF)

    Tuesday 25 October 2016

    AIIA understands that TiSA is potentially reaching its final negotiating rounds. We strongly urge Australian negotiators to adopt and support robust non-IP intermediary liability protections.

  • Senate Committee Inquiry into 2016 Federal Election and matters related thereto (PDF)

    Friday 14 October 2016

    This paper aims to provide feedback on the government’s proposed accreditation model. We outline what industry considers best practice for Supplier Prequalification as provided in our 2016 Best Practice Government Procurement Guide.

  • AIIA NSW Healthcare Forum

    Tuesday 4 October 2016

  • Digital Disruption: What do Governments need to do? (PDF)

    Tuesday 20 September 2016

    AIIA strongly advocates for the development and maturity of Australia’s digital talent and skills base. While it is true that STEM graduates, particularly those in science, are underemployed this is only part of the picture and takes a short term approach to education policy. The goal should be to address the transition phase towards a new and more innovative economy, rather than focusing on the jobs available now for those graduating now.

  • Getting software development R&D Tax Incentive claims right (PDF)

    Friday 16 September 2016

    AIIA welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft guidelines relating to the R&D Tax Incentive and software development. This is proving to be an area of confusion for many of our members, in particular how the criteria are applied by AusIndustry.

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