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  • Digital Disruption: What do Governments need to do? (PDF)

    Tuesday 20 September 2016

    AIIA strongly advocates for the development and maturity of Australia’s digital talent and skills base. While it is true that STEM graduates, particularly those in science, are underemployed this is only part of the picture and takes a short term approach to education policy. The goal should be to address the transition phase towards a new and more innovative economy, rather than focusing on the jobs available now for those graduating now.

  • Getting software development R&D Tax Incentive claims right (PDF)

    Friday 16 September 2016

    AIIA welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft guidelines relating to the R&D Tax Incentive and software development. This is proving to be an area of confusion for many of our members, in particular how the criteria are applied by AusIndustry.

  • Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs: National Cancer Screening Register Bill 2016 (PDF)

    Thursday 1 September 2016

    AIIA strongly supports establishment of the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR). We understand that establishment of the Register is complex, exacerbated by tight delivery timeframes and we are acutely aware of the privacy and security implications for any government or nongovernment organisation responsible for the service.

  • Engaging young people in ICT in TAFE NSW-Research eReport (PDF)

    Monday 22 August 2016

  • Open letter on Copyright Amendment Bill 2016 (PDF)

    Friday 19 August 2016

    The education, cultural and technology sectors continue our strong support of the safe harbour amendments included in this Bill. These amendments will give Australian online service providers - from schools, universities and libraries to technology companies - the same legal protections that currently apply to their counterparts overseas and commercial ISPs in Australia. It will encourage service providers and copyright owners to work together to fight piracy, increasing legal certainty and minimising compliance costs. It will free up Australian businesses to develop new and innovative services and allow our libraries, schools and universities to focus on providing world class services without unnecessary legal exposure.

  • Letter to Honourable Dan Tehan

    Monday 25 July 2016

    Congratulations on your additional appointment as Minister Assisting the Prime lvlinister for Cyber Security

  • Letter to Honourable Mitch Fifield

    Monday 25 July 2016

    Congratulations on your re-appointment as Minister for Communications

  • Letter to Honourable Angus Taylor

    Monday 25 July 2016

    Congratulations on your continued appointment as Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation

  • Letter to Honourable Josh Frydenberg

    Monday 25 July 2016

    Congratulations on your new appointment as lvtinister for the Environment and Energy

  • Letter to Honourable Greg Hunt

    Monday 25 July 2016

    Congratulations on your appointment as Minister for Industry, lnnovation and Science

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