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Building Australia’s Digital Future in a Post COVID World: AIIA White Paper Briefing

23 June 2020

The AIIA recently released a blueprint for the economic recovery our nation based on a digital technology led set of priorities and recommendations. Australia is the lucky country and we now have a unique window of opportunity to shape the future of generations who follow. This session will provide a brief to our members of what this means to our industry and the opportunities it presents.

Today, Australia is leading the globe as part of the “first movers club” of nations dealing with and responding successfully to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have flattened the curve, have managed our economy well over the past decade so that governments could direct billions of dollars into the economy to support workers and businesses and we have one of the best health systems in the world. Our political and other institutions have led in this time of crisis, whereas many other countries have struggled. With this initial success, it is imperative that we as a nation capitalise on this momentum and now focus on establishing the foundations for a new generation of economic growth . The opportunities the pandemic has presented for fast action and leadership are significant, but the opportunity has never been greater to get it right.

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