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Fees and Payment


For AIIA members, the nomination fee is $150 (ex GST).

For non-members, a special price of $300 (ex GST) which includes a 12 month AIIA Associate Membership (saving you over $350).

Primary, secondary and tertiary student nominations are FREE.

Nominations are FREE for startups founded from 1 January 2017*.

*In order to receive free entry to the iAwards as a startup, organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • The organisation was registered as a company on or after 1 January 2017;
  • The founder of the company and/or the product developers must still be the significant shareholder(s) of the company; and
  • The company must not be a subsidiary of a well-established parent company.

Multiple Category Submissions

One submission fee entitles an applicant to enter into a maximum of three (3) award categories; the fee is the same regardless of whether you enter into one, two or three categories. This entitlement is based on the condition that one category is selected from the 'Market categories', one is selected from the 'Technology categories' and/or one is selected from the 'Stage categories'. Entry into one of the core categories is mandatory; entry into either of the cross categories is optional.

Please note: if you wish to enter your project/innovation under more than one Market Category (e.g. Community Services and Consumer), you must submit two separate nominations. As such, you will need to fill out two nomination forms and pay two nomination fees. For full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Payment Methods

Nomination fees are payable via VISA, MasterCard or American Express, when you complete the nomination form. Please have your card ready.

Merchant fees apply:

  • VISA: 1.9% per transaction
  • MasterCard: 1.9% per transaction
  • American Express: 3.4% per transaction

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