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iAwards 2021 - The Biggest Pitch

Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions incorporate and must be read together with the details outlined on the iAwards 2021 (Promotion) website at (Website). Information about the awards and how to enter forms part of these Terms and Conditions.  By entering you accept these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Promoter is Australian Information Industry Association Limited (ABN 19 008 568 036), The Goods Shed, 710 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 3008.

Entry Period


Clause 4

There are two types of iAwards, Organisation Awards and Student Awards:

4.1 Organisation Awards

a) Entrants are companies or organisations registered and operating in Australia during the Entry Period which have an ABN (Organisation).

b)The Organisation must own the intellectual property (IP) of the Innovation.

c)At least 51% of your Organisation's "value-add" in the innovation you include in your entry (Innovation) (including design, and which can exclude major components such as hardware, operation system and database) must have taken place in Australia (Australian Content).  If requested, you must be able to provide evidence of the Australian Content of your Innovation to the satisfaction of the Promoter.

d)You must be an authorised representative of the Organisation in order to submit the entry form on behalf of that Organisation.

Joint entries

e)If your Organisation has created an Innovation for a client you can (with your client's consent) enter your Organisation and use the client as a referee; OR you can submit a joint entry with the client (and may still use the client as a referee).  Further instructions for submitting joint entries are provided on the Website.

f)If a client is used as a referee, the Promoter will assume that the client has agreed to details of the Innovation being shared for the purposes of this Promotion, on the basis set out in these Terms and Conditions.  You must ensure that the client has in fact given such agreement.

g)All parties to a joint entry will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Postgraduate research entries

h)Postgraduate research entries should enter this promotion under the Organisation Awards, where the tertiary institution (or another relevant eligible Organisation with which they are affiliated in relation to their research) is listed as the Organisation, and any research partners are listed as joint entrants (with their consent). These entries should ensure the Research & Development sub-category is selected.

4.2 Student Awards

a) Entrants are individual students or groups of students who are enrolled (or who were in 2020 enrolled) at an Australian educational institution at a primary, secondary or undergraduate level (Students).

b) Students must only enter on the basis of Innovations worked on whilst enrolled as a Student in 2020 and/or 2021.  Students aged under 18 years as at the date of entry must have their parent/guardian approval to enter.

Explanatory note: Whilst Students must be enrolled as students under 4.2b, the relevant innovation may be a class project, an extra-curricular project or unrelated to the students studies. Note for consistency, any award is typically made out to the relevant institution/s where the Student/s is/are enrolled (individual student names included if space permits), with certificates issued for individual Students.

c) Tertiary Students must own at least some of the IP of their Innovation, or be in the process of negotiating IP ownership with their educational institution.  If requested, you must be able to provide details of the IP ownership of your Innovation.

d) Research students cannot enter their project/innovation in the Student Awards, but may enter as specified in paragraph 4.1 (h).




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